The Heirloom Challenge: Working Inherited Furniture into Your Décor

YOU COULD SAY I’m lucky. My parents, who raised their three children in suburban Detroit, were products of the Depression. They owned no heirlooms and harbored little interest in antiques. But they were inspired do-it-yourself decorators with a taste for quality and craftsmanship, gravitating to contemporary design from the 1960s and ’70s.

“We bought it as a floor model for 300 bucks,” my dad would bemusedly brag whenever I mentioned that the light in their living room could fetch $3,000. They had scored the iconic Arco lamp, with a marble base and swooping armature, designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

I had long admired (OK, had my eye on) the furniture I inherited last year when my father died and my mother moved into assisted living. That lamp and their classic Milo Baughman dining set fit beautifully in my open-plan 1940s Los Angeles bungalow, and though it’s over 40 years old, the furniture has far more value—both aesthetic and emotional—than the midcentury assemblage I have created over the years.

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Choose furniture well

When buying furniture, it’s important to choose wisely. Before buying, know how it will be used, how much space you have, and how much you can spend. The reasons to make an educated choice are many.

Furniture can be one of the biggest investments you make. Hence, you will probably live with it for a long time. The place where you reside has to be taken into consideration. For instance, if the area in the living room is rectangular and big, one can go for two types of seating.

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5 things about IKEA that explains why it is the world’s largest furniture retailer

Around this time last month, I was chatting with film director and ex-Leo Burnett CCO Nitesh Tiwari about his love story. He happened to mention how a serendipitous work-visit to an IKEA store in Singapore made the vagabond in him want to settle down. I was intrigued to hear that. It sounded similar to the Tanishq ad starring Aditi Sharma, where the mother takes her daughter to the said brand’s showroom to lure her into getting married. Except in Tiwari’s case, furniture was the jewellery. Coincidentally, the same week I got a chance to meet Ulf Smedberg, country marketing manager at IKEA Group India. Smedberg is an IKEA lifer who has spent two decades with the Swedish MNC across markets like Russia, China, South Korea, Sweden (of course), and will spearhead the India operations come August 2017 — when IKEA launches in India. Over the course of our hour-long chat, I understood why this company is the world leader in furniture retail.

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5 Tips For Choosing Bar Stool Chairs For Your Home

Bar stool chairs can make for interesting seating in almost any room of the house. In the kitchen, they are fun to use at the breakfast bar. In the game room, using bar stools around a pub table will make you feel like you are out on the town. Even your small breakfast nook will have a different kind of feeling when you outfit it with a tall table and barstools.

Not only are they fun to sit at, but stool chairs can also be part of your overall decorating scheme. They come in a huge range of materials, styles and colors and there is certainly something to suit every decor. You can even decorate an entire room around an interesting style of bar stool. Some of these stools could actually be considered works of art and all of them will definitely enhance your decor. Today’s bar stools are not only places to sit at, they are decorative accessories as well.

However, choosing a bar stool isn’t as easy as just walking into the store and picking out a set that strikes your fancy. There are many things to consider in order to make sure you get stools that fit in your home and are comfortable for you to sit at. Here are five tips for choosing barstool chairs that will ensure you get a perfect match:

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Buying Heirloom Quality Bedroom Furniture

There are several things to consider when you buy bedroom furniture. Bedroom furniture is an investment, both in dollars and lifestyle. In the furniture business we always ask; are you looking for something for a very short term that you can throw away when you are finished or are you looking for a quality bedroom set that you will treasure for years? Unless you are in a short term life-style situation, I believe that the only intelligent answer is quality. Properly built solid wood furniture is the best long term solution and heirloom quality is always the optimal approach. Here is what you need to look for in heirloom quality:

Solid tops on the case pieces that have wood more than 3″ in width that are edge glued and have the grain reversed. This will almost always prevent the solid tops from splitting due to various environmental conditions.

Drawers should be made with French dove tail construction. This is time tested as the best way to assemble a drawer. Drawer fronts should also be solid and not be glued or nailed onto a box being called a drawer.

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